Surgery Extra Credit

Beyond the boIMG_3502oks.

In 2011 I started surgical internship. I had access to 5 print textbooks, every scientific journal for the last 50 years, an online repository of over 6000 questions and was getting 4 hours of lectures a week. I also had no idea where to find the OR, cafeteria or bathroom. First step of intern year: find the bathroom. Next step: develop a plan.
The amount you have to know as a surgical resident is massive and the amount of information available is overwhelming. The best way to attack the megalith of resources is to pick one and see it through to the end. However, in the 2 minutes before you scrub or the elevator ride down to a trauma, a trip to the library or a book chapter is impractical.
I started making notes in medical school as a quick reference before rounds. I’ve added to these for the last four years and now they are quite comprehensive. They are short, unreferenced, outline formatted information on every surgical topic.
In January I take my last ABSITE and in July I take the boards. I am going to use this site as an opportunity to review all the content and promulgate the information. While this may be adding more mass to the mountain, I hope it helps make the climb more manageable.  Basically, I love surgery and hate free time.